Creating a Digital Narrative Game: Part 3

I created a game which intends to educate people more on how to deal with people struggling with drugs, specifically younger people. This story is based on real life events, and it revolves about a young person (early 20’s) who studies abroad but his parents live in Egypt. Now you will be playing as one of the parents while you face a difficult set of decisions you have to make.

Your son (Adham) is in his third year in university and he has grades have been good ever since he went to the university. The end of the semester is nearing up so you go in to check on his grades, it always makes you happy to look at how well Adham is doing, only this time its different, you open up his grades to find that he hasn’t been attending half of his courses and the other half he’s close to failing them. It’s very weird because it’s not like him, you ask him about it and he says its just a difficult semester and nothing is wrong and he’s going to catch up; but you know something is not right, what do you do?

Dig a little deeper and investigate.

Trust what Adham is telling you, after all, he has been handling it great for the past 2 years.

(Investigate) You find out that he has been spending way too much money, something seems off, you already know he smokes cigarettes but you think there might be something bigger behind this, your main suspicion is drugs. Regardless, you won’t do anything now because you know he’s coming back soon so you just tell him to focus up and wait for him to travel safely back home. He gets back to Egypt, what do you do.

Tell him you think he’s been doing drugs and that you’ll test him first thing next morning

Tell him that you trust him and that he should stay away from stuff like that

(Trust) you notice he’s been acting weird these days, staying in his room for long periods of time and keeping it locked, staying out very late, and sometimes smelling some weird smelling coming off him. What do you do?

Get him tested

Confront him with your suspicions and ask him to explain.

(Confront) He denies your suspicions, he tells you that you’re making everything seem bigger than it is and that he’s on vacation and you should cut him some slack.

Ignore it, he’s right maybe you’re taking things out of proportion

Test him

Later you find out he is using drugs, what do you do (In both case whether you test or him or no, if you test him then he’s positive if you don’t then you walk in on him in his room while he’s doing drugs)

calmly talk to him and explain how that what he’s doing is wrong

take him to a rehabilitation center

threaten that you’ll have him leave his university abroad and study in Egypt if he doesn’t stop

(Calm Conversation) you find out that he’s still doing drugs what do you do?

take him to a rehabilitation center

threaten that you’ll have him leave his university abroad and study in Egypt if he doesn’t stop

(Rehab) He stays in there for about a month and them comes out, your relationship with him is severed because he hates what you made him go through. A few weeks pass and you find out that he has returned to his old habits and he has to leave soon for his semester, what do you do?

You don’t trust him enough to send him abroad, you want him right in front you to make sure he doesn’t do any drugs so you force him to take a gap semester

You send him abroad, but you reduce his allowance as a way to prevent him from buying any drugs — just a few weeks later, he gets arrested for possession of drugs and is now in jail

Ending: You don’t send him to his university, now he hates you even more. Now that he’s in front of you can make sure he does not do any drugs, he can only go out with people you know for sure do not do any drugs, he can only take a very limited amount of money, and he can’t stay out late. You guaranteed that he won’t do any drugs, but he hates you more than ever and you’ve put his educational path on pause.

Note: This is inspired by a true story and the ending I have set in place is where my actual friend and his family are at right now, I’m not sure if I should keep the game like this in order to raise awareness that this is such an important issue and to always educate kids about this, or maybe edit it to have more positive endings or extrapolate into what may happen or what may help him. Also, I’m finding trouble including research in this since its mainly an experience from my life.

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